Lexus Ignition Key Replacement

Lexus Replacement Keys – Austin Locksmith

Austin Premier Locksmith services the greater Austin Metro for Lexus replacement keys. If you lost you Lexus key and need a

replacement key, Austin Premier locksmith has a 24/7 auto locksmith service. Unlike other locksmiths,

we can cut Lexus keys on the spot. Lexus uses a laser cut type keys for all of their models.

From 2005, some models are equipped with a smart key, or proximity key, which allowsLexus Ignition Key Replacement Austin

the driver to start the car with the push of a button. Our auto locksmiths in Austin carry Lexus

remotes and remote keys in stock, and can  program any type of Lexus in the market. Lexus

replacement keys are available 24 hours a day at Austin Premier Locksmith.

Lexus uses the same key for the door and the ignition, unless the ignition has been

replaced. Whether you have a Lexus key that won't turn in the ignition or you need a Lexus ignition

key replacement, call us now @ 512-981-5046 for a fast and professional service.